“We have selected some of the most prevalent and typical customer queries that one might have before, during, or after pickup to address these. Let's have a look at what our customers are thinking; you might be having a similar thought.”

What We Collect

Old Newspapers, Books, Plastic, Cardboard, Metal Scrap, Iron Scrap, Aluminium Scrap, Stainless steel, Copper, Brass utensils, anything in electronic waste (Ewaste), any item in home appliances, old Mattresses old vehicle Scrap, etc., collect almost everything in Scrap as long as it's non-hazardous or medical waste. See our detailed list of items with the Prices we buy Here.

Yes, if you fall under our service area list, we will serve you wherever you stay and on whichever floor. Simply point, and we'll remove your recyclable unwanted trash from any location, including your garage, backyard, balconies, terraces, basements, and store rooms. We are well known as Scrap Buyers in Hyderabad and Secunderabad.

Generally, we won’t collect any hazardous or medical waste and are also unable to take wet waste. The following are some things we normally do not accept: 

1)     Asbestos Material.

2)     Broken Glass pieces.

3)     Waste Oil Storage Tanks.

4)     Medical waste in any form.

5)     Garbage and Kitchen waste.

6)     Oils, Chemicals, and Solvents.

7)     Oil and Storage Drums (unless the top & bottom are cut out).

Absolutely! We take responsibility to dispose of your Ewaste and any size and weight of junk items you have, including your old big Fridge, Front load washing machine, Treadmill, Heavy Exercise equipment, Heavy Motor scrap, Large borewell Pipe Scrap, Long Iron Rods, Scrap Iron Grills, Old Heavy Almirah, Old Sofa, etc., If require we will assign more staff to clear your Scrap in Minutes. We'll be happy to take it off for you!

After collection, all stuff will move to warehouses where we segregate paper, plastic, metal, electronic goods, etc., Dismantle or compress wherever require as per the recycling industry guidelines. Our tasks include gathering, classifying, dismantling, compressing, and preparing each scrap material in such a way that it is ready for further Process of Melting and prepare for Reuse.

Our aim, being as ecologically responsible to try to keep items out of the landfill by recycling the recyclable stuff we get from you and donating whatever you donate, as much as we can.

Service and Location Information

Although we primarily serve Secunderabad and the city of Hyderabad. We still have a lot of other areas to service. Within a short while, we shall reach every part of the city. You can start a booking by entering your area pin code Here to see whether we are nearby.

We are in the office from 09:00 AM to 8:00 PM every day. We don't take leave on Saturday and Sunday or anytime you have a holiday to serve you better. Every Tuesday is our weekly off day.

But our Customer Helpline Numbers will respond to you round the clock and 365 Days a year. You can even always find an appointment that works for you by booking online.

Yes, we are registered with the government as Scrap buyers in Hyderabad to collect all types of scrap waste including Ewaste. We are licensed to operate the scrap business, and insured for all of our vehicles, weighing Scales, and staff.

We are working to acquire more and more certifications so that we can manage all kinds of Residential and commercial trash recycling-related tasks. We will soon be recognized as E-waste Authorized Recycler in the city of Hyderabad and Secunderabad.

Have Concern about my Booking

One day prior and on the day of your booking, our office personnel will get in touch with you via WhatsApp or call to let you know exactly when to expect us, our friendly uniformed field crew will call you 30mins to 01hours before arriving.

If you have any further questions about your scrap pick-up service communicate with your area in charge. If his / her response doesn’t satisfy you, then please connect us on WhatsApp or call us at 88867 11101 / 88867 11102. We are pleased to assist you.

Rescheduling or cancelling your appointment is at your fingertips. Just download our Reuze App or visit our website, where you will find the Manage Request button to manage your booking easily at any time.

To change your appointment, connect with your area in charge or call us at 88867 11101 / 88867 11102, and we'll be pleased to assist you.

Even on the day of your pick-up, you can reschedule or cancel your scrap slot by notifying our field crew members, when they call you an hour before your pickup.

Yes, we will, however we request you to keep your scrap in a location where our staff can easily get it. When our pick-up crew calls, be sure to be prepared and work with them until the scrap leaves your place.

Even if you aren't present, our Team will sort, weigh, create a bill for you, Pay the money online, and pick up your Trash items.

Yes! We are happy to provide our customers with a No-Contact Trash Removal service from their doorstep as per covid-19 safety norms.

As part of our no-contact Scrap removal service, we can remove items without coming into physical contact with them in case the customer has an allergy to the waste or due to covid-19 or to protect the comfort and safety of both our customers and our personnel.

Pricing and Payment?

Without a doubt, the scrap pickup service is free for your recyclable Trash. We don’t charge but we pay for your Scrap waste.

To learn more about the list of items with Prices we Buy, please refer to our Price list Here. There won't be any extra or hidden charges, with just a finger-point from your side, we'll get rid of your Trash!


Presently we are collecting very limited items in non-Recyclable waste, including old mattresses, Wooden doors, Wooden Furniture, and used Sofa sets. These are typically mixed materials and cannot be collected as recyclables.

If the items you have are still in good condition, then we'll collect them for charity purposes. if it’s not in reusable condition, you will have to Pay for disposal.

If you're willing to dispose of your non-recyclable Trash, we will charge you a fair price for the transportation and disposal of the dry waste from your location.

Simply share some images of your non-Recyclable trash with your area in charge or connect with the helpline numbers on WhatsApp at 88867 11101 / 88867 11102, and our team will respond quickly with a fair offer, if you are ready to pay, we will arrange a separate vehicle for your Pickup.


Yes, we can provide you specific prices before we get to your house for a few products like an old refrigerator, an old washing machine, a geyser, an air cooler, a split or window air conditioner, a laptop, a two-wheeler, a dishwasher, etc.

Simply share some images of your trash on our WhatsApp number, and our team will respond quickly with a fair offer to buy it.

We are unable to give you a precise estimate of the total value of the trash without first weighing it, though, as the majority of the garbage we collect is weighed per KG. For your reference, we can provide you with the cost per kilogram for each item. To view our price list, click Here.

Have Scrap, Donate! Your contribution helps low-income families in Basti areas of the Neighbourhood to educate underprivileged kids.

Your contribution will go towards educating the kids of our staff as well. In this way, you are assisting our uniformed Personnel in educating their kids while also assisting them in cheerfully disposing of your Trash.

We envision a well-educated India. Help us make it come true.

Once we generate a bill for your Scrap. We mostly use Google pay, Phone pay, Paytm, and Bank transfer as our online payment modes for customers. We pay in cash as well, If any customer request.

Tips are neither required nor expected when using our service. If you think they did a wonderful job and you’re excited to award them for their performance, we recommend you donate your trash rather than tipping them, as the money from your trash helps our team members educate their kids for a better future.

We use the value of your donated trash to pay the school fee of our staff kids, in this way you’re supporting them to Educate their children for their bright future. 

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