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What iron items are eligible for recycling?

Common iron items that are frequently recycled include:

·       Scrap materials generated from industrial processes.

·       Containers reaching the end of their lifespan.

·       Vehicles at the end of their useful life.

·       Appliances that are no longer functional.

·       Machinery used in industrial settings.

·       Construction scrap materials

The ferrous metal recycling process, specifically applied to scrap iron, encompasses five distinct stages:

Sorting: Given its magnetic properties, iron can be swiftly separated from other recyclable metals within a metal recycling facility, employing robust magnetic belts.

Shredding: Shredders utilize rotating magnetic drums to extract iron and steel from a mix of metals and other materials.


Media separation: This phase involves employing electrical currents, high-pressure air flows, and liquid floating systems for further separation. Items with protective layers of other metals, such as aluminium cans, are removed and recycled independently using these methods along with others.

Shearing: Utilizing hydraulic machinery, this step applies pressure to cut through the thickest, heaviest pieces of iron, such as those reclaimed from railway lines and cruise liners. Alternative cutting techniques, including plasma arc recycling, may also be employed. Plasma arc recycling is a relatively modern waste treatment method that involves heating waste to extremely high temperatures to produce gas for energy and solid waste for construction materials.

Baling: This final stage involves compacting iron products into large blocks, significantly facilitating their transportation and handling.

Why Iron Metal Scrap Recycling require?

In the 21st-century steel industry, iron recycling has become not only economically advantageous but also imperative for environmental stewardship. At Reuze, we are deeply committed to advancing sustainability through our eco-friendly approach to iron scrap recycling. By opting for secondary ferrous metals over primary ore extraction, we play a vital role in reducing carbon emissions, conserving energy and water resources, and mitigating overall air pollution. Our dedication to environmental responsibility extends throughout our operations, ensuring that every step of the recycling process adheres to the highest standards of eco-consciousness.

Secure the Best Value for Your Iron Scrap Metal

At Reuze, we prioritize providing our customers with the most competitive prices for iron at our state-of-the-art recycling facilities. With over years of expertise in iron scrap metal recycling, we specialize in offering fair and transparent pricing while upholding our commitment to sustainability. Explore our scrap metal prices to understand how we determine the value of your scrap and join us in our mission to create a more sustainable future.

Why Reuze Scrap Metal Buyers?

We are licensed:

Reuze Iron Scrap Buyers possesses all requisite licenses necessary for the handling of metal scrap waste. Additionally, our scrap yards and waste management facilities are officially registered to accept various types of iron scrap waste as part of our scrap metal collections, ensuring compliance with current legislation. As a prominent dealer in iron scrap metal, we also maintain relevant scrap metal licenses issued by local authorities.

We are well-equipped:

Regardless of the size, shape, or condition of your iron metal scrap, we have the necessary equipment to safely and responsibly cut and collect it. With an extensive fleet of vehicles and machinery, we are capable of accessing and removing iron scrap from areas where larger machinery or vehicles cannot reach.

We are reputable:

For numerous years, Reuze Iron Scrap Collection and Recycling Services have collaborated closely with various organizations including societies, individuals, apartments, government offices, IT companies, and other leading businesses in the region. Our commitment to protecting the environment from iron scrap metal underscores our dedication to the responsible handling of scrap materials.

Competitive pricing in the industry:

At Reuze, we employ cutting-edge weighing technology to accurately measure the volume of iron scrap waste you bring to us. This enables us to offer the most precise pricing for your iron scrap metals. Our pricing is determined based on the best available rates for iron scrap on that particular day, ensuring competitive industry rates that maximize your returns.

If you are in need of a reliable scrap metal recycling collection service in Hyderabad, you can book our services online via the Reuze app or website, or simply give us a call at 8886711101 / 8886711102.


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